Step By Step Online Registry Instruction

Go to Online Registry by clicking the button below after this instruction.

Place your mouse over the box underneath the word ‘Name’ and click. A cursor will appear so you can begin typing:

  • First and Last name; Press Tab to next line
  • Type address; Press Tab
  • Type second line of your address (Apartment # or other); Press Tab
  • Type City; Press Tab
  • Type FL for state; Press Tab
  • Type Zip code; Press Tab twice to 'County' (United States has already been set for you)
  • Type the first letter of your county and the dropdown menu will open, select the same letter until the correct county name appears and Press Tab
  • Type email address; Press Tab
  • Type phone number beginning with area code, (as you enter the numbers, it will automatically tab over to next field); Press Tab
  • Using your mouse click on the buttong to select type of phone: Mobile, VP (Video Phone) or TTY; Press Tab
  • Type birthdate Month, Day & Year by entering numbers in this sequence (mm/dd/yyyy); Press Tab
  • For Gender; Type F for Female or M for Male; Press Tab
  • Type cause of Deafness; Press Tab
  • Type cause of blindness; Press Tab
  • Type of communication methods; Select all that apply beginning with ASL by pressing spacebar; then tab to next and to skip that selection, tab again.
  • Tab to 'Submit' and Press the enter key.

    When it has been submitted, the screen will appear and state: 'Your Online Registry submission is being sent'

    If you need more information, please feel free to ask for assistance. Please contact Darlene Laibl-Crowe

    Online Registry

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