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Welcome to Slideshow! We no longer have each photos clicked individually. The slideshows are meant for you to select the category and click 'start' on the slideshow button. You can sit back and watch it with ease. Each sequence in a slideshow is 10 seconds.

If you want to flip the photo to another photo, all you do is click '>>' button for a 'fast-forwarding' sequence. If you wish to go back to where you might have missed, then click '<<' button. The number of photos are included in each slideshow category.

If you would like to enlarge the whole slideshow, please read 'Tools' page which is found on FDBA homepage. It is not difficult to learn something new.

I hope you enjoy viewing the slideshows!

2012 Seafood Festival 3 Photos
HKDBA Celebration 88 Photos
1st Annual Jax Bowl-A-Thon 9 Photos
JSC FDBA-FSSP Presentation 5 Photos
2013 FCCDHH 3 Photos
Bowl-A-Thon - The Villages Video
FSSP Walk 2 Photos
NFB Deaf-Blind Division 38 Photos
St. Augustine Greek Festival 3 Photos
DBAS Camp 3 Photos
2014 Seafood Festival 7 Photos
HKDBAC Daytona Beach 16 Photos
NFB Conference - Orlando 14 Photos
Tampa FSSP Workshop 21 Photos

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