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You can take a peek at ASL-Braille in a HTML format! Installation of two unique fonts is required - you can contact the webmaster to inquire about two unique fonts. Please check out ASL-BRL below! It is a must-see!

Another one is in a JPG format, it can be viewable. No installation is required. Please check out JPG Format below!

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You can learn basic Braille (Grade 1) and have some fun with it. It has print version and answer sheet below. It is a great learning tool for anyone who is interested in learning what Braille is all about.

You also can play with Braille Javascript online and see how a word is spelled out in Braille. Try HotBraille!


Print-on-Palm (POP)

It is a simple method of communicating with a person who is deaf-blind and familiar with printed English.

To use POP: With your index finger, print your message in the palm of the hand of the person who is deaf-blind. To make each letter, follow the diagram below, which indicates the recommended direction, sequence and number of strokes for each letter.

Use capital letters only, except for the letter "i" which is lower case. Print only in the palm area. Do not connect letters. Wipe once after each word. If you make a mistake, "wipe" the palm a few times, then print the correct letter.

If the person has speech, he or she may say each letter and word aloud as you spell it. This is a good way to know that your message is being understood.


One Hand Manual Alphabet

The one-hand manual alphabet, also known as fingerspelling, is a visual code for the English alphabet. It can be used to spell words to a person who is deaf-blind. If the person is totally deaf-blind, you will need to fingerspell the words into the palm of the person's hand. This is called "tactual fingerspelling." You may recognize this as the method of communication used by Annie Sullivan with her famous student, Helen Keller.


FYI: Both scripts are found on HKNC website.

Video ASL

What is Video ASL? ASL stands for American Sign Language, now available on video! Why put up trying to find an ASL book and flip through the pages? It would be benefical for anyone who is interested in learning ASL. Try it out!

If you would like to learn about the ASL facts and resources, please click ASL Info below.

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