Relaying Self-Sufficiency

FSSP Qualifications

Want to be an SSP?

  • Are you a 'team player'?
  • Detail-oriented?
  • Observant?
  • Flexible?
  • Patient?
  • Do you know sign language for those Deaf-Blind who communicate in ASL?
  • Or do you have a clear speaking voice for those Deaf-Blind who are Hard-of-Hearing?

    Anyone with these qualities can apply for SSP Training Workshop to gain general understanding of Deaf-Blindness. It doesn't matter if you are friend, family member, or simply someone who has the desire to help.


  • Correct way to guide a Deaf-Blind individual
  • Effective Communication skills
  • How to meet each Deaf-Blind's needs
  • How important independence is for the Deaf-Blind

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